Is Chair Yoga as beneficial as Regular Yoga?

The Power of Chair Yoga: Unlocking the Benefits of Gentle Movement with AMALAwellness Is Chair Yoga as good as ‘Regular’ Yoga? The answer is YES! The only difference is that we do not include kneeling or postures lying/sitting on the floor. Everything else we would see in a general Yoga class can be experienced throughContinue reading “Is Chair Yoga as beneficial as Regular Yoga?”

Breathwork classes in Middlesbrough

Pranayama classes in Middlesbrough Discover the Power of Breathwork and Pranayama with AMALAwellness Breathwork, often referred to as Pranayama, is a powerful practice that involves various techniques focusing on conscious breathing. A focus on the breath is used to boost our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. If you’re searching for breathwork classes in Middlesbrough, AMALAwellnessContinue reading “Breathwork classes in Middlesbrough”

Chair Yoga and Exercise in Linthorpe

Chair Yoga classes in Linthorpe – to help you improve your fitness and overall well-being. Note: Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns. Chair Yoga and Exercise is a fantastic and affordable way to stay active and improve your overallContinue reading “Chair Yoga and Exercise in Linthorpe”

Chair Yoga and Exercise in North Ormesby

Fully Funded Gentle Exercise for Older Adults Join Louise, our experienced yoga instructor, for our popular Chair Yoga and Exercise class at the North Ormesby Community Hub. Mondays 10:30-11:30am, for more information and to book a space, email Cafe AMALA – 2nd week of the Our inclusive class is accessible to all. WeContinue reading “Chair Yoga and Exercise in North Ormesby”

From Couch to Middlesbrough 10km – 14 Top tips on how I did it and how you can too!

A journey from Couch to Middlesbrough 10km, to The Great North Run Why I decided to start running On fourth of September 2022, I completed my first ever 10k run. It was Middlesbrough 10K run. My friend Izzy joined me and I placed 970th and finished in 1 hour 22 mins! It was such aContinue reading “From Couch to Middlesbrough 10km – 14 Top tips on how I did it and how you can too!”

3 ways to change your attitude towards exercise.

The importance of exercise The NHS (National Health Service, UK) recommends adults (from 19-64) should do some form of physical exercise daily. The NHS also recommend that older adults (65+) should be exercising daily, even if it is light activity. At AMALAwellness, we recommend focusing on exercises that cover flexibility, balance, strength and aerobic fitness.Continue reading “3 ways to change your attitude towards exercise.”

Chair Yoga and Exercise in Coulby Newham

Unfortunately our class in Langdon Square Community Centre, Middlesbrough has been postponed till further notice. Please see our timetable here for our classes locally (Closest is Linthorpe and Nunthorpe). Keep Moving Teesside! Try your first lesson on the house! AMALAwellness is excited to be offering Chair Based Yoga and Exercise courses on Tuesday afternoons. WeContinue reading “Chair Yoga and Exercise in Coulby Newham”

Gift Cards – Keep Moving Teesside!

Keep Moving Teesside! Gift Cards for our Chair Yoga and Exercise Classes. “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” CS Lewis Keep Moving Teesside! Classes are not only a great physical workout, they are great for improving mental wellbeing as well as being social and fun. The classesContinue reading “Gift Cards – Keep Moving Teesside!”