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The word ‘AMALA’ translates to ‘tree’ in Sanskrit and ‘hope’ in Arabic. Here at AMALA we have a growth mindset which focuses on holistic wellness.


AMALAwellness was born in 2019 when Aimee (Director and founder) started teaching Yoga after several years of practice. When Covid-19 struck, Aimee took her classes online, continuing to keep people in Teesside active, strong and mobile. Students reflected that it helped them to feel a sense of community during the numerous lockdowns.

When lockdown eased, Aimee took her classes to local community centres, church halls and studios throughout Teesside. Aimee specialised in training in chair based yoga and gentle exercise as she observed that this greatly improved the quality of life of older adults and those with limited mobility.

Aimee’s passion was the catalyst for developing AMALAwellness into a Community Interest Company, with a board of directors and talented teachers with the aim of making gentle movement accessible to all.

We noticed that while there was a demand for our classes, often socioeconomic barriers affected how far they could reach in the community, so we worked alongside local organisations to provide funded spaces for those motivated to improve their physical well-being.

With support from great teachers, local organisations, communities and class members, we are continuing to grow week by week.

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  1. This is so interesting! Thank you for the information. Now I know where Amala wellness was came from.

  2. It is amazing that so many students are taught. Aimee sounds very dedicated to her yoga calling and purpose.

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