Chair Yoga and Exercise in Linthorpe

Chair Yoga and Exercise in Linthorpe

Chair Yoga classes in Linthorpe – to help you improve your fitness and overall well-being.

Note: Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns.

Chair Yoga and Exercise is a fantastic and affordable way to stay active and improve your overall well-being. Our inclusive and accessible class, conveniently located at The Holy Name Of Mary Church Hall on The Avenue in Linthorpe, has been running successfully for over 2 years.


Holy Name of Mary Church Hall, The Avenue, Linthorpe. TS5 6QT.

Google link above has a picture of the location.


Thursday afternoons, 1:30-2:30pm. Last Thursday of the Month, we stop back for tea, coffee, refreshments and good conversation.

How much?

1st class is a free taster session. If you enjoy the session and wish to attend more, there is a small £3.00 charge to help cover teacher, hall and administration costs.

Information & Benefits

Read more about health benefits of Chair Yoga and Exercise in more detail here.

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Designed for individuals who may have difficulty with traditional exercises or prefer a seated workout, AMALAwellness’ Chair Yoga and Exercise class offers a multitude of physical and mental benefits.

By incorporating gentle stretches, breathing exercises, and mindful movements, this practice promotes flexibility, strength, and relaxation.

Physical Benefits

As you participate in our Chair Yoga and Exercise classes, you will experience a gentle yet effective approach to fitness. Our experienced teacher, Louise, will guide you through a variety of seated postures and modified exercises specifically designed to improve balance, coordination, and muscle tone.

Mental Benefits

Not only does chair yoga provide physical benefits, but it also cultivates mental clarity and emotional well-being. By focusing on breathwork and mindfulness, you will feel a sense of calm and inner peace as stress and tension melt away.


Our class members meet once a month for tea, coffee and good company. This is fully funded, so a lovely free extra for our participants. It is always warm, welcoming and a chance to make new friendships.

Accessible, affordable community classes.

Join our thriving community of individuals who have already discovered the transformative powers of Chair Yoga and Exercise in Middlesbrough. Whether you are a beginner or have previous experience, everyone is welcome to join our class and embark on this enriching journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Don’t let restricted mobility hold you back from engaging in a regular exercise routine. With Chair Yoga and Exercise, you can embrace the joy of movement and achieve a sense of holistic wellness. Take a seat, breathe deeply, and let us guide you towards rejuvenation and vitality.

How to book

You can email or ring 07774600440 if you would like to chat to us about the classes.

Or, you are welcome to just pop along 10 minutes early to fill out a health registration form then try a free taster session. You can always give us a ring or pop us a text message to double check the class is on.

The team at AMALAwellness look forward to welcoming you to class!

Location of our class on a map.

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