Refund Policy – Online and in-person purchases.

At AMALAwellness, teachers and venues are booked in advance, so we have a refund policy in-place for courses and drop-in sessions.

We offer block bookings at a discounted rate of 23% but have a non-refundable/non-transferable policy for our Yoga and Meditation Classes. In our older classes, we offer a drop-in option. (Classes ran by Aimee, where they are not ran as a specific course).

However, some classes would not be feasible to offer this due to nature of the spaces we hire. For example – the halls are pre-booked in advance. Teachers also prefer block bookings to allow students to progress. Teachers spend a lot of time planning and preparing courses.

100% of the course fee will be refunded if a person decides to not attend the course for whatever reason as long as a minimum of 1 weeks’ notice is given prior to the course starting.

0% of the course fee will be refunded if the learner withdraws from the course after this and once the course has started. (After attending a session once the course has started).

100% of the course fee will be refunded if the course is cancelled prior to the start date if for whatever reason, AMALAwellness cannot run the course.

If a course has to stop running due to AMALAwellness, and has already started, AMALAwellness will calculate the cost of each session and refund the sessions the course participant could not attend.

Sometimes if we postpone a class, AMALAwellness will add it on to the following block of lessons if courses are on-going.

There will be no roll over of fees due to missed classes between block bookings for any reason.

We have these rules in place so that we can continue to offer accessible, affordable community classes throughout Teesside.

Any questions or queries, please contact us using the contact form.

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