Svadyaya – The importance of self study in Yoga

Yoga and Meditation Philosophy in Teesside At AMALAwellness, especially in our Yoga and Meditation classes, we often encourage our students to practice ‘Svadyaya’ which is self study. Studying by independent learning of texts, books, resources and self enquiry through the physical practice of Yoga and Meditation. – What is Svadyaya? – Svadyaya is a SanskritContinue reading “Svadyaya – The importance of self study in Yoga”

The 8 limbs of Yoga: Philosophy for Beginners

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Patanjali is often referred to as the father of Yoga. An old sage, who wrote The Yoga Sutras – a detailed book on which how one can reach Samadhi (Spirital enlightenment) through a dedicated Yoga Practice. It is often claimed that Patanjali wrote The Yoga Sutras 1,700 years a go,Continue reading “The 8 limbs of Yoga: Philosophy for Beginners”

Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners

Students often ask for meditations to practice at home, so I thought I would make some articles about starting to incorporate a practice into daily life. Also, including a meditation to practice independently from the comfort of home. There are many benefits of guided meditations, such as: Reducing stress and anxiety. Internalizing thoughts and emotionsContinue reading “Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners”