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Keep Moving Teesside! Gift Cards for our Chair Yoga and Exercise Classes.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

CS Lewis

Keep Moving Teesside! Classes are not only a great physical workout, they are great for improving mental wellbeing as well as being social and fun.

The classes can be done seated, with chair support or free-standing. This makes our classes accessible and welcoming to anyone.

Gift Cards available for our Ingleby Barwick, Norton and Nunthorpe classes.
Please click here to see our class locations and for more information.

£20.00 for four lessons. The lessons can be used anytime within 2022.
*Booking is non-refundable, but lessons can be used in any of our 3 locations at any time during 2022*.

To book a loved one on, please contact us: / 07774600440 and our team will send you a printable gift card addressed to your loved one.

Yoga Norton- Chair Yoga and Gentle Exercise

Chair Based Yoga and Exercise in

Norton, Stockton-on-Tees.

**Main Picture of Norton Duck Pond sourced from Stephen Hornsey, a talented local photographer***

The NHS recommends you should do 120-150 moderate exercise every week and do some form of physical activity every day, especially as we get older.
It is recommended that we should also do exercises that focus on strength and flexibility twice a week.

AMALAwellness – Young at heart,

active for life!

AMALAwellness’ Mission:

To transform lives and promote healthier communities by connecting people through Yoga, Meditation and Gentle Movement.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
– C.S Lewis

We offer low impact, chair based yoga and exercise classes suitable for those looking to be more active and enjoy older life.

***Try Your first class on the house! ***

Why not secure your place in our new wonderful ‘Keep Moving Teesside’ Class in Ingleby Barwick, or Norton? The 1st class is on the house! Come see why people are joining our ever growing community.

I’m really excited to be offering ‘Keep Moving Teesside’ Chair Yoga and Exercise Classes in Norton and Stockton-on-Tees.

‘Keep Moving Teesside!’ Exercise classes are designed for those who need a gentler form of exercise, combining Chair based Yoga with strength work, balance exercises, aerobic and strength exercises. Exercises can be done seated, with chair support or free standing, making them accessible to anyone! Anyone is welcome to our classes. They are really social and fun and have a good sense of comraderie.

Classes are designed to help look after your physical and mental well-being coming out of lockdown and beyond.

As we approach the transition period of lockdown restrictions easing, the end is hopefully in sight. Preparing to look after physical and mental wellbeing in this transition period is as important as ever.
Our gentle movement and exercise classes and Hatha Yoga classes help to improve:

  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Balance
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Strength
  • Mental Wellbeing

We believe no matter what age or ability, we will be able to help you improve your physical and mental wellbeing. We also combine postures and movements with the breath. This makes the practice a work-in as much as a work-out. Simple meditation techniques and homework mean you can incorporate what you learn in class into your life.

We use pom poms to help improve aerobic fitness and mobility and exercise bands to strengthen shoulders, back, chest, arms and legs.
We also use special spiky ‘hedgehog balls’ to improve shoulder mobility and strengthen inner thighs, grip and wrist strength. Using equipment is really fun and our class members love the variety it brings.

Purchase equipment for your home practice.

You can purchase equipment to practice at home, just let your teacher know if you are interested and we can put an order in for you.

Exercise bands, pom poms (X2) and hedgehog balls are £5.00 each.

– Where are classes available? –

Join us on Mondays in Norton.

Location: The Glebe Community Centre, Norton, Stockton-on-Tees.
Price: £5.00 a class (Booking essential due to Covid Restrictions)
Time: Mondays 3:15-4:15pm.

Join us on Fridays in Ingleby Barwick.

Location: The Hub Community Centre, The Rings, Ingleby Barwick.
Price: £5.00 a class (Booking essential due to Covid Restrictions)
Time: Fridays 1:30-2:30pm.

Price –
£5.00 per class, can pay as you go or pay for a block of lessons.

For information and bookings….

For more information and bookings, please contact us using the following:

Facebook: AmalaTeesside

Or you can use our contact form here.

About The author:

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Aimee is a Yoga, Meditation and Move It or Lose It! teacher in located in Middlesbrough, England, UK. Aimee teaches in Norton, Stockton, Middlesbrough, Guisborough and Redcar and Cleveland, as well as offering online classes.

To find out more, visit

Move It or Lose It! Gentle Exercise and Yoga Classes in Teesside ….

Would you, or a loved one benefit from gentle movement classes? AMALAwellness is offering a range of classes to help people across Teesside be more active and look after both their physical and mental well-being.

Aimee recently qualified and became insured as a Move It or Lose It instructor and is starting to roll out classes in care homes and venues across Stockton and Middlesbrough ( Norton, Guisborough, Nunthorpe and North Ormesby).

AMALAwellness also offer Chair Yoga Classes too!

Aimee is excited to offer these lessons as they are really fun, accessible and affordable for people who would usually struggle in a gym where aesthetic goals are the aim of classes.

Aimed at getting people active and moving in a fun, gentle, safe and supported way, every age and ability would benefit from these classes.

What is Move it or Lose it?

Move it or Lose it is an exercise class designed for those age 50+ and over , or those with limited mobility and a need for gentle exercise.

Attending a Move it or Lose it class is great fun and as much a social event as a fitness class. It will help you stay fit, motivated and active for life as well as helping with maintaining flexibility, mobility, aerobic fitness, balance and strength.
The exercises have been created in partnership with the Centre for Healthy Ageing Research at Birmingham University to help “turn back the clock” and help maintain independence.

The exercises can be done standing, seated on a chair or standing with chair support and can be adapted to meet your needs with less repetitions or lower resistance.

Benefits of Move It or Lose It! classes:

  • fun, friendly, accessible and affordable
  • simple dance moves to music help gently raise heart rate
  • exercises designed with those with limited mobility in mind
  • reduces pain and stiffness by stretching the muscles
  • improves blood circulation to keep the body fresh and active.
  • keeps control of the blood pressure.
  • improves the range of motion of the joints, keeping the symptoms of arthritis in control.
  • helps lift mood – reducing anxiety
  • improves balance and coordination.

What is Chair Yoga?

Seniors or those who have mobility issues avoid unnecessary movements due to fear of falling or injuring themselves. With limited movements, the limbs get stiff reducing the range of motion causing aches and pains in the limbs.

Fortunately, with awareness of yoga practices spreading wide, those with mobility issues too can benefit from this practice through the introduction of Chair Yoga.

Benefits of Chair Yoga:

  • stretching the muscles, to reduce pain and stiffness.
  • improves blood circulation to keep the body fresh and active.
  • keeps control of the blood pressure.
  • improves the range of motion of the joints, keeping the symptoms of arthritis in control.
  • Helps lift mood – reducing anxiety
  • improves balance and coordination.

Try a taster class for free, VIA zoom with Aimee.

Friday’s 3:00-4:00pm.

Contact us VIA facebook ( AMALAwellness – Teesside )
or email us for more information,