Yoga Norton- Chair Yoga and Gentle Exercise

Yoga Norton

Yoga Classes in Stockton-on -Tees
Gentle Exercise Classes in Norton

**Main Picture of Norton Duck Pond sourced from Stephen Hornsey, a talented local photographer***

I’m really excited to be offering ‘Move it or Lose it!’ Gentle Exercise Classes
and Yoga and Meditation and Chair Yoga Classes in Norton and Stockton-on-Tees.

Yoga Norton

Classes Aimee will run are designed to help look after your physical and mental well-being coming out of lockdown…

As we approach the transition period of lockdown restrictions easing, the end is hopefully in sight. Preparing to look after physical and mental wellbeing in this transition period is as important as ever.
Our gentle movement and exercise classes and Hatha Yoga classes help to improve:

  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Strength
  • Mental Wellbeing

We practice in in a safe, inclusive, non-judgemental environment. Everybody is welcome! We also combine postures and movements with the breath. This makes the practice a work-in as much as a work-out. Simple meditation techniques and homework mean you can incorporate what you learn in class into your life.

– Where are classes available? –


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Community classes Yoga Move it or Lose it Teesside Middlesbrough Stockton

Move it or Lose it – 3:15-4:15pm Norton Glebe Community Centre, 6 Hanover Parade, Norton, TS20 1RF Stockton-On-Tees


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Yoga & Meditation – 7:00-8:30pm Ragworth Community Centre, St Johns Way, Stockton-On-Tees TS19 0FB .

Ragworth Community Centre is on the cusp of Norton and Stockton, easily accessible from both areas of Stockton-on-Tees.


£6.50 for a drop in or a block of 4 lessons for £20 (£5.00 per class) .

For information and bookings….

For more information and bookings, please contact us using the following:

Email: /
Facebook: AmalaTeesside / Move it or Lose it Teesside

Or you can use our contact form here.

About The author:

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Aimee is a Yoga, Meditation and Move It or Lose It! teacher in located in Middlesbrough, England, UK. Aimee teaches in Norton, Stockton, Middlesbrough, Guisborough and Redcar and Cleveland, as well as offering online classes.

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  1. This is a wonderful way for people with limited mobility and strength to keep their bodies in shape. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  2. Thank you , I’m not sure when the first class is at the Glebe. I’m thinking May 17th due to restrictions before?

  3. Awesome. How nice that there is a gentle yoga for people with limited mobility. This is going to help a lot so that they can get some energy back. Love that the price for the classes are very reasonable too.

  4. Wow, this is so nice and I love the idea of giving a gentle way of doing yoga to those people who have limited mobility. I am going to share this with others, thank you!

  5. Gentle yoga sounds like my kind of thing, something to build up to doing something more powerful x

  6. I love that these classes make it easier for folks to get fit. There are people out there who don’t realize that they have a fitness option.

  7. I really want yo learn more about yoga!I always struggle to do but not sure why!

  8. This sounds like a fantasic class! It’s’ so important for seniors to stay healthy, but it can be hard for them.

  9. It’s true. Physical wellbeing leads to mental wellbeing. And vice versa. A healthy cycle that doesn’t have to be strenuous!

  10. yoga is so important for overall healthy wellbeing and helps us being mindful. Thanks for sharing this lovley post.

  11. I would need this kind of gentle yoga. I am very new so I would love to try these classes for myself!

  12. Yoga is truly an incredible practice for the body and soul and in fact, at all ages, with various levels, you should try your hand!

  13. Thank you so much for offering these classes. Gentle yoga seems great for beginners. Will definitely recommend your classes to my friends!

  14. I haven’t tried gentle yoga yet – I’ve always practiced power yoga. However, since at this moment, I’m not so very fit, this might be a valid option.

  15. This is great for the community.Yoga is helpful in both physically and spiritually.Thanks for offering these classes.

  16. Wow. Hope you do an online class or YouTube videos for this so the people in other parts of the country could watch.

  17. Yoga ~wish we have it here in our community soon. In the city or metro, a lot of classes are being done and it’s quiet expensive so my wife would just check out free youtube videos on it instead. Thanks for sharing here

  18. This is such a great post. I’d love seeing the seniors keep active and fit with all types of yoga especially chair yoga, love it!

  19. I have only been introduced to yoga recently via the Ring Fit Adventure Game from Nintendo Switch. I’m loving them so far.

  20. Yoga has definitely help me in terms of getting clarity in my head as well as having a good effect in my physical appearance. Will share about your class with my friends!

  21. I have to share this my mom as she loves doing chair exercises. I think she will like yoga too!

  22. Yoga is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever come across for my over all wellness. I’m awful at stretching, but with yoga it forces me to, which helps to loosen my muscles. Plus, much like you’ve mentioned, you can take it as easy as you want.

  23. I love the yoga schedule and prices outlined here. I’ve been searching for yoga options for weeks. I will try out your recommendations!

  24. I definitely will benefit from these awesome classes. Lately, I have let myself down and I know in the past yoga has helped me.

  25. i would definitely recommend all participants to join these yoga classes for their usefulness and importance can never understated

  26. Yoga is really helpful, it helps me relax and stay focused. This is a very good program for people interested in yoga. I would definitely recommend it to people.

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