Yoga in Stokesley and Great Broughton – Chair Yoga and Exercise

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Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga and Exercise in Stokesley and
Great Broughton.

AMALAwellness is a not for profit organisation, teaching affordable and accessible Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi and Chair Yoga and Exercise classes across Teesside. We have started to teach Yoga in Stokesley and Great Broughton. Our classes are really friendly with a sense of comraderie and fun.

Our team support all ages and abilities in their Yoga, Chair Yoga and Exercise or Tai Chi Journey.

We specialize in Beginners and Improvers Yoga, Tai Chi, Yoga for Older Adults and people with limited flexibility or mobility.

Yoga for Beginners and Improvers

Our classes are suitable for all abilities and are differentiated to support intermediate practitioners and to support people as they advance in their yoga journeys. Our Yoga classes include short gentle breathwork and meditation exercises. Intertwined with philosophy and science, our classes allow practitioners to learn Yoga and develop a practice off the mat.

We teach at Saint Augustines Church Hall, an accessible, warm and friendly space.

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We teach our Gentle Yoga flow class on a Wednesday Evening, 6:00-7:10pm.
£36.00 for a block of 6 lessons, or £7.50 drop in.
The classes are taught by Aimee, who is an experienced Yoga teacher. Aimee supports people across Teesside to improve their physical and mental wellbeing through the modality of Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation.

We teach our Gentle Chair Yoga and Exercise class on a Monday, 1:30-2:30pm.

6 Weeks fully funded, then £5.00 a session- see more detailed post below.

Chair Yoga and exercise include gentle, flowing movements that allow participants to improve mobility, balance, aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility in a gentle, accessible way.

People can stay seated, use the chair as support or do exercises free standing – making our classes accessible to all!

We offer a 6 week free course, funded by Versus Arthritis and The National Lottery Community Fund. After this, classes are £5.00 a session, to help with costs.

AMALAwellness aim is to show exercise can be accessible to anyone. This is why we offer schemes to help get people active and moving, working on their mental and physical health across The Tees Valley.

Yoga in Stokesley – Location of our classes

There is ample parking at our venue, with disabled car parking spaces and accessible building. Parking is available in a secure car park out the back of the hall.

The hall is always warm and has ample space for participants, with a kitchen which we make use of for Cafe AMALA sessions.

Hall address:
Kirkby Lane

To book a space in our classes, please email, contact us by phone 07774600440 or through our contact form. We would love to welcome you to class.

11 thoughts on “Yoga in Stokesley and Great Broughton – Chair Yoga and Exercise

  1. Is chair yoga something we could incorporate into a daily work schedule? – like for someone who spends a long day at the desk, behind a computer screen. Could it work to have 5 min yoga breaks from your chair, say 5 times a day, or would you need to allocate one longer session?

  2. Haven’t really thought about the health benefits of yoga. But joining a yoga class soon is something that would occupy my free time. Maybe an online class will do.

  3. Yoga is wonderful! It helped me so much with my back trauma recovery, I am forever thankful. I do believe there should be more yoga places and especially places for older people to get the experience for their health. I do think there is too much of esoteric vibe around it in so many points that people tend to overlook the core. The place looks great, I wish more yoga places been like that.

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