Yoga in Kirkby, Great Broughton (Near Stokesley).

Gentle Yoga Flow - Class in Great Broughton Stokesley

Community Yoga classes in Stokesley and Great Broughton.

Aimee will not be running this class for the foreseeable future, as she is returning to study and it clashes with her Yogi College times.

We will be continuing our Chair Yoga and Exercise class with Louise.

Aimee still teaches on a Friday Morning at Nunthorpe (St Mary’s Church Hall)

There are lots of local options for Community Based classes across the area, teaching from local community halls, leisure centres and church halls.

Maria Dowson still teaches all things Ashtanga in the area – to check out her website, visit – Suzanne teaches at Stokesley Leisure Centre regularly, as well as a class at Stokseley Library.

Stokesley Leisure Centre:
Great Broughton Road, Stokesley, TS9 5JJ

Stokesley community library – The Globe
Town Close
North Road

Alexandra Cornwall teaches Yoga at Great Broughton Village Hall.

1 Ingleby Rd, Great Broughton, Middlesbrough TS9 7ER


PLEASE NOTE – Our time and day has changed, but we are still at the lovely St Augustines Church Hall.

6:00-7:10pm, Wednesdays, St Augustines Church Hall, Kirkby, Great Broughton.

£36.00 for a block of six lessons. £7.50 drop in.

To book email

We also teach Chair Yoga and Exercise here now too! Check out our post for more information.

The NHS recommends you should do some type of physical activity daily, as well as spending at least 2 exercise sessions a week focusing on strengthening the muscles. We should also spread out the amount of exercise we do over the week, focusing on strength, balance and flexibility.

At AMALAwellness, we offer an array of Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation and chair Based Exercise classes to aid with over-all mental and physical wellbeing.

– AMALAwellness – Who are we? –

AMALAwellness is a Registered Community Interest Company in Teesside. We offer a variety of Yoga, Meditation, Chair Based Yoga and Exercise and Relaxation classes in:

Redcar & Cleveland / Middlesbrough / Stockton / Norton / Guisborough / Nunthorpe / Kirkby (Great Broughton, Newton Under Roseberry)

Our Mission:
To transform lives & promote healthier communities by connecting people through Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Gentle Movement.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

– C.S Lewis

Community Gentle Hatha Yoga in Newton Under Roseberry, Redcar & Cleveland.

Our new class is on at St Augustines Church Hall.

The Class is taught by Aimee, who is a keen practitioner and teacher. Aimee has adapted this class to be slow, gentle and welcoming for both beginners and those looking to deepen their practice.

Day & Time: Wednesday’s 6:00-7:10pm.
Pricing: £6.00 for a block booking (£36.00 for a 6 week block or £42.00 for a 7 week block).
Block bookings are at 25% discount.
Pricing: Drop in – £8.00.
(Block bookings are non-refundable or non-transferable, please see our
T’s and C’s for more information).

What the class entails: The class includes kneeling, inversions, seated, table top and standing postures. We also do some postures lying on the front or on the back. Classes begin and end with a short guided meditation and a final relaxation (Savasana) at the end.
Postural practice focuses on flexibility, balance and core strength. We marry movement with breath, making the whole practice good for soothing the nervous system and helping to still the mind.

Booking a Yoga Class or Course.

Booking is simple, please email, or drop us a message (Whatsapp available) or give us a ring 07774600440.

You can also contact us here.

We also offer other Yoga, Chair Based Yoga and Exercise Classes in Redcar and Cleveland.

Chair Yoga and Chair Exercise in Nunthorpe.

Location: St Mary’s Church Hall, Morton Carr Lane, Nunthorpe.
Day and Times: Wednesdays, 1:30-2:30pm.
Pricing: £5.00 a class.

We offer A combination of Mindfulness Meditation, Chair Based Yoga and Exercise, to offer a class that will help aid both physical and mental wellbeing.

Exercises can be done seated, with chair support of free standing. All abilities are welcome.

We use exercise bands and balls in class to help build strength and improve mobility and flexibility.

View our schedule here to see if any other classes are a good fit!

Would you be interested in our classes or in our community ventures?

Find AMALAwellness yoga and meditation classes in Teesside – Check out our website for more information,

Aimee – Team AMALA <3

31 thoughts on “Yoga in Kirkby, Great Broughton (Near Stokesley).

  1. I need to do muscle strengthening more than I do. I find I’m so busy that I neglect myself. I think this would really benefit my mental health too.

  2. This sounds dreamy! I’d love to have some ‘me time’ for a yoga session, but with a toddler always in tow I don’t get a chance right now. Something to look forward to when they’re a bit older 🙂

  3. I think having the good fortune of practicing yoga in a place like this gives the whole more energy!

  4. It’s great that you offer yoga lessons in so many locations, and that you have created a community around it. The prices are so good as well!

  5. I never tried yoga before. But I’m curious and would love to try. I always having muscle and joint pains. This will be a great help. I will check your online yoga classes.

  6. Oooo I would love to check out yoga here. I just know it would be helpful for me and I’d feel healthier for sure.

  7. I haven’t been to my yoga class in over two years, and I wish there was one close by. I’d also want to take advantage of the 25% discount for block booking just like the offer in your class. This is great!

  8. I love Yoga and I love practicing with other people. It feels way more powerful that way! If I were in the area I’d definitely choose you

  9. I would say this is a great 👍🏻 program for all yoga fans to join in & moreover with a 25% discount for block booking, a good savings to enjoy yoga for sure. if I’m at your place, I will sign up myself. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

  10. I abolutely love doing yoga and make far too little time for it in my everyday life. However, I’m convinced that a serence, beautiful setting adds a lot to the positive effect yoga has on the body and soul, for that matter.

  11. I go back and forth between doing a series of different things (walking/dance/yoga/) and then nothing at all.. I find gentle yoga definitely helps me a lot

  12. it’s great that the classes are adapted for beginners, so that they can learn whilst practicing easier postures. I gave up on yoga because my local gym had quite advanced techniques and I didn’t have a good experience trying to follow and failing.

  13. If I was going to go to a yoga class I’d appreciate ones like this that are gentle and slow for beginners, there’s nothing worse than being totally out of your depth if you start something new x

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