Beginners Yoga in Middlesbrough

Beginners Yoga in Middlesbrough

Beginners Yoga in Middlesbrough – at AMALAwellness we cater for beginners and improvers in all of our Yoga and Meditation classes. We run classes in Stockton, Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland.
We also offer private one-on-one classes, on zoom and in-person, as well as running Move it or Lose it! classes across Teesside.

**Main image from a local, talented photographer known as Stephen Hornsey.**

Starting a new Journey…

People decide to come to Yoga & Meditation classes for a vast array of different reasons.

From weight loss, to improving flexibility, strength, feeling a sense of community to alleviating the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

A comprehensive list of things needed to start your yoga journey can be found here.

Why is AMALAwellness good for beginners looking to practice Yoga?

Aimee has had a regular practice since 2013 and a daily practice since 2017.
She has over 470 hours of Yoga teacher training and professional development, with bodies such as Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Experience and Knowledge

Aimee’s practice has grown with her. When she first started Yoga, she couldn’t touch her toes and suffered with anxiety. Yoga and meditation had such a positive effect on her life, that it transformed her physical and mental health. Aimee quit her 9-5 job as a Scientist to travel and practice Yoga around the world. Upon return to Teesside, she decided to set up her own business to teach people the tools she has learnt from her teachers and on her travels to help people transform their physical and mental wellbeing.

Aimee has ran 6 Week Beginners Courses with local Studios in Teesside and knows how to accommodate for all levels within a class.

Aimee is also trained in teaching Yoga and Gentle Exercise for Mobility, as well as experienced in teaching seniors and Yoga in studio and gym settings. Aimee has progressed in her practice, studying and learning from an array of experienced teachers from all over the world. Aimee has a range of knowledge and experience which means whatever your ability or goal, she can cater for you.

Aimee enjoying practicing outdoors in Nepal

Reflections on being a beginner and a focus on progression….

Remembering what it felt like to be a beginner, Aimee always take a holistic approach to practice. Movement is important for both physical and mental wellbeing, but at AMALAwellness we focus on philosophy and meditation to teach Yoga in its entirety.

Aimee always explains postures, breathwork and meditation techniques to make sure that the practice is suitable for beginners and helping improvers to advance.

More than just a gym class…

Meditation, gentle breathwork and philosophy are intertwined with a phyiscal asana practice. This makes the practice suitable for beginners and improvers, with postures differentiated for those looking to improve their postural practice.

Beginners Yoga in Middlesbrough
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A focus on Community, with a fun, light-hearted and friendly atmosphere…

Classes always have a community feel, where people feel welcome. We focus on inclusivity and believe community and a non-judgemental space where people can enjoy practice should be at the fore-front of lessons.

We also practice meditation and relaxation techniques, allowing the mind to practice being still and peaceful.

Beginners Yoga in Middlesbrough -Affordable classes with a community feel…

Aimee teaches in Community Centres such as:

  • Ragworth Community Centre – Stockton & Norton
  • Norton Grange Community Centre – Norton
  • St Mary’s Church Hall- Nunthorpe
  • Academy 17 – Ormesby

    AImee also teaches in Guisborough.

Classes can be drop in – so you can try before you commit to anything. You can also book onto a block of lessons, to really give the class a go. Block bookings are cheaper, but our drop-in rates are still really affordable too.

Aimee also works with My Core Wellbeing to bring accessible, affordable Yoga to those that need it. To see the full range of classes, please see our comprehensive list here.

What else does AMALAwellness offer?

Community classes Yoga Move it or Lose it Teesside Middlesbrough Stockton

As well as Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Beginners Yoga and Meditation classes, we offer Move it or Lose it! Classes – running across Teesside and online.

Move it or Lose it! classes help encourage and motivate people so they enjoy later life. We encourage top to toe workouts to help people stay active and feel fit for LIFE! Our aim is to help people to stay active and independent – especially those with mobility challenges. Our classes are fun, friendly and help build a sense of community.

Would you like to give one of our classes a try? Why not contact us for more information. You can complete the contact form here, or email Aimee directly at:

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


  1. I love yoga! highly recommended for everyone since it improves balance, flexibility and strength. It also helps you manage stress too.

    1. Paula mcclorey says:

      Hi looking to join your classes at ragworth neighbourhood centre. Hiw do you book a place if any are left

      1. Hi Paula, I will email you.

        Warm regards Aimee (AMALAwellness Teesside)

  2. JP says:

    It’s cool to see that even aging folks are doing Yoga and here I am thinking that it’s already too late for me lol.

  3. Kuntala says:

    I love that she’s offering these beginner courses. Yoga is one of those things that really should be done with a teacher, espeically when you’re starting out.

  4. Kisha says:

    I am kind of new to yoga. I enjoy hot yoga. This is great for us beginners.

  5. angela says:

    I love yoga its actually kinda big aid for our lifestyle!

  6. I have never tried Yoga but am keen to give it a go. Spending time in nature is something I have always found to be very soothing. The thought of learning yoga in surroundings like the photo at the top of this post would just be wonderful, rather than indoors. I think the marriage of nature and yoga would be a fabulous experience.

  7. Marina says:

    I just love yoga. It makes my body and mind relaxed. Everyone should do it.

  8. Meki says:

    Starting off with yoga can get intimidating for some. Great that there are options for 1:1 classes to lessen the ‘intimidation’ at first.

  9. Doris Jean says:

    I love that this is for beginners. I want to get back into yoga but sometimes get intimidated when I’m with advanced people.

  10. I have read a lot about the benefits of yoga. I really want to give it a try. Hopefully that will help ease the stiffness in my joints and relieve me of my anxiety!

  11. I really need to start my yoga practice again. I don’t do well with yoga online alone — I need to go to a class as well.

  12. emman damian says:

    I miss doing yoga! It’s one of my stress busters. It helps me focus and lose weight too!


    Yoga is one of those things I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten round to it yet. A beginners class sounds good to me, I’ve not really done it before except in the odd exercise class.

  14. jaye shields says:

    I always feel great when I do Yoga. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  15. I keep meaning to try yoga as I know how many benefits it has! I will definitely have to check the classes out.

  16. It was wonderful to read up on Aimee and what made her start yoga herself. Glad she is now doing beginner’s classes to help others

  17. Kenneth says:

    Bending those bodies on the photos might not be suitable for a whopping 110 kilos…i prefer to jogg in the morning and diet..well i can do those slow exercises, that i will give a try

  18. Dr. Elise Ho says:

    This sounds like a great place. I would absolutely check it out if I was nearby.

  19. Rosey says:

    My daughter in law’s mom teaches yoga on the beach. It’s such a wonderful class.

  20. This sounds great, I can see yoga being very popular as an easy less intrusive exercise for those coming out of lockdown but not wanting fast impact exercises

  21. I’ve heard great things about yoga, I just never have the time to give it a try. Maybe one day!

  22. sumit says:

    Aimee definitely seems to be doing the correct essence of Yoga and moreover for all classes of individual , so indeed that is great Yoga is indeed a ancient art and needs experienced teachers

  23. Anosa says:

    I love yoga and been practising for a number of years, always glad to learn of new places one can go practice.

  24. rhianwestbury says:

    If I do yoga it tends to be at home, but I like the idea of going to a class as much as anything to meet people in my local area x

  25. knycx says:

    I practice yoga daily too and thanks for spreading the words, it’s good for health and even better to do so with an amazing view and some fresh air. – Knycx Journeying

  26. If I live in your area, I would definitely do beginners yoga with you.

    1. Awwhthank you 🙂 it would be a pleasure to have you!

  27. It’s such good retreat! I believe putting our self first and making a well balance lifestyle can help us to improve our wellbeing. Yoga is def a good reason to start with fitness.

  28. bye:myself says:

    I used to be a big Yogi. After I stopped for a while I got so stiff. Now I had to re-start all over again. I should since Yoga does really good – the body and the mind 🙂

  29. NATALIA says:

    I love yoga, the best thing this pandemia brought me. I first started yoga one year ago and have not stopped practicing from then.

  30. yoga, practiced with knowledgeable trainers, like the place you are describing, can even be safe for someone with chronic illnesses, like me. Blessings

  31. Nkem says:

    Excellent! I love the focus on beginning. Even though I’ve been practicing yoga for years, and more seriously recently, I love going in with a beginner mindset as it helps me remain humble and compassionate towards my body.

  32. Alita pacio says:

    Yoga is my stress reliever. It can turn a bad day into a good one. Highly recommend it and thanks for this informative post


    I wasn’t aware that there was gentle yoga. I think that would be great to help get me started. Honestly, I could do with something like this at the moment as it encompasses both body and mind.

  34. anas says:

    Never heard of them, sounds like a great spot to try Yoga and some more peace and tranquility. Cant wait to plan it soon.

  35. I have never done yoga before, but to do it with that view. I will be there in a heartbeat.

  36. bushrazblogs says:

    I’m not a yoga lover but I do some yoda poses to increase flexibility.

  37. aisasami says:

    Since lockdown last year, I try to do yoga every day as I found it really free and gave me the space to do exercise on my own. I also do with the students, they love it!

  38. Kira says:

    I have loved lockdown since lockdown and these are some great tips and advice for beginners 🙂

  39. Di Hickman says:

    So happy to see more yoga teachers getting back out into the world. We need yoga more than ever. I start back teaching “real people” next week! Can’t wait!

  40. I’ve often thought about trying a yoga class, it sounds so beneficial for the mind and body.

  41. I am a firm believer in the power of Yoga. I have never been to an actual class but Yoga along with meditation has been my go to exercise ever since the pandemic started. I actually do look forward to experience a yoga session as soon as the pandemic is over.

    And perhaps hopefully join your class soon.

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