About Aimee (Executive Director and Founder)

AMALAwellness – Aimee Louise Bell

Aimee is a Yoga, Meditation and a Gentle exercise teacher based in Teesside. Aimee teaches across Middlesbrough and Stockton and set AMALAwellness up as a CIC (Community Interest Company) in September 2021.

– Introduction, classes & Services –

“I love teaching Yoga and Meditation. I have a passion for all styles of Yoga, however I mainly practice Mysore Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin Yoga.
At AMALAwellness, we teach Beginners Yoga courses, Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga, meditation and relaxation.I love facilitating and leading classes, as well as helping people learn how to relax. AMALAwellness include philosophy and science within classes. This helps with understanding the modalities within the body and mind which can invoke relaxation. This helps students to progress in their practice mindfully.
I have recently started teaching Gentle Chair Yoga and Exercise classes, which we call ‘Keep Moving Teesside!’. Working with students who need a gentle practice is really rewarding and after a few sessions people report feeling the benefits. Its a really fun way to improve flexibility, mobility, build strength as well as working on improving confidence and reducing stress and anxiety.” 

– About Aimee –

Aimee’s journey with yoga and mediation started back in 2013 to help her with Anxiety. Aimee came across Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga and she fell in love with the practice. Since then her life changed, devoting herself to practice. Eventually she left her job as a scientist in the UK to study and practice Mysore style Ashtanga, Hatha yoga and meditation abroad. 

Through having a  devoted practice, Aimee noticed the transformational effect of having a daily yoga and meditation practice. Aimee realised how important not just asana (postures) in yoga are , but how important meditation, breathwork, diet and environment are in wellbeing too. 

Delving deeper and working with the other limbs of yoga, she started to notice how incorporating other practices such as Yamas ( moral and ehtical principles Yogi’s live by) ,  Niyamas (self disciplines),  meditation and pranayama (breath work) had upon her practice and life. Aimee also started to learn Reiki (a great tool to learn how to focus in meditation. It helps to channel prana (energy) in the body in a positive way). 

Changing her lifestyle to fit with a devoted, dedicated practice has changed her life in such a positive way that she has dedicated her life to the practices which have helped her grow so much.  

This has inspired her to help people and guide them to start their own journeys, whether it be with Chair Yoga and Exercise, Yoga, meditation, or breathwork.  

In September 2021, coming out of lockdown, Aimee noticed a demand for more accessible, affordable and gentle classes across Middlesbrough, Stockton and Redcar and Cleveland. This is where AMALAwellness CIC was born, growing month by month where AMALAwellness now has a team of 3 directors and 4 teachers delivering classes across Teesside.

Our team work alongside local charities and organisations to offer classes that help support people with their physical and mental wellbeing.

‘I love running a community interest company. Working with our teachers, students and communities within Teesside really inspires me everyday and motivates me.’ – Aimee

‘I wish to pass on the things I have learnt on my journey and to give people the tools to heal, grow and transform their mental and physical health.’ – Aimee

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