Yoga journey – What you need to start yours …

– Start your Yoga Journey …. Beginners Yoga and Meditation –

Congratulations on starting a new wonderful chapter in your life!

People decide to come to Yoga & Meditation classes for a vast array of different reasons.

From weight loss, to improving flexibility, strength, feeling a sense of community to alleviating the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Everyone’s Yoga Journey is unique to them.

There are many benefits to engaging in a regular Yoga and Meditation practice, but where to start? Start your Yoga Journey here!

Whether you choose to start at home due to lockdown, or to start at a studio, these tips and pointers will help you in the right direction.

1. Finding the right teacher and style for you.

Having a daily practice and devoting your time to learning meditation and philosophy will facilitate positive changes in your life. Find a teacher who doesn’t have a gym focus with body aesthetics in mind. Find one that is focused on philosophy and meditation as well as asana practice. This will help to guide you in your yoga journey and aid in developing a regular yoga practice.

There are many different styles, some much more physical and stronger (such as Vinyasa or Ashtanga Yoga). Some styles of yoga are some are more gentle (Dru Yoga / Yin Yoga / Gentle Yoga).

Dependent on what style you are looking for, the elements of Asana (posture practice) , meditation and philosophy should be intertwined within a class.

There are many teachers and classes out there, teaching various styles. A quick google search can help you to find teachers in your area. Chat with them 1st, to see if their teachings and style is what appeals to your Yoga Journey.

I currently teach online VIA zoom (Hatha Yoga and Meditation) as well as Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga and Move It or Lose It! classes. I also teach across Teesside in person, as well as being available for personal tuition.

My Teacher and Friend (Maria Dowson) ( offers Ashtanga and Sun Power Yoga, which are a bit more physical but still wonderful modalities of Yoga.

We both teach at My Core wellbeing in Guisborough which offers an array of different classes and styles to suit all needs.

2. Finding a good quality Yoga mat.

There are many good yoga mats out there, but also many ones that aren’t really suitable for the job. The key is to look for non-slip ones TPE ones.

When looking for mats, check reviews and make sure they are non-slip, especially when you practice Ashtanga or Vinyasa type classes.

I personally love Liforme mats, but I know they are expensive. If this is something you wish to keep up and devote a lot of time to, its worth buying a trust-worthy mat. However, when beginning, a non-slip mat will suffice.

3. Bring a hoodie, blanket and pillow to practice.

Usually, the body cools down when we meditate and come into final relaxation. The mind will not settle if we are cold, so its beneficial to bring some things to keep us warm during this time. Also, its nice to have a pillow to rest the sit-bones on, if your not used to sitting for extended periods. Its also handy for poses when we balance on our knees.

You will be grateful for bringing these things when it comes to final relaxation, meditation and savasana.

4. Making your environment ready for practice , both mentally and physically.

Whether you’re coming to class in person at a studio, gym or community centre, or perhaps logging in VIA zoom, prepare your space both mentally and physically before practice.

Take time to arrive 5-10 minutes early, so you can settle down into the environment before practice (Both online and in person!)

Sometimes we cannot help being late, however being late for in-person and online classes can cause disruption for students and the teacher. Showing up early is not only good for our mind, allowing us to settle in and prepare for our practice (setting out our mat, placing our blanket or warmer clothes near us, say hello to our teacher, for example) it is good practice to respect our fellow students and teacher.

If at home, it is nice to have enough space, perhaps light candles, have blankets at hand. Making our yoga space into a spiritual haven for practice.

5. Come to class with an open heart and an open mind…

Trying something new can be scary, daunting and a little weird if its something we haven’t participated in before. However, with an open mind and heart, placing trust in your teacher to guide you… you will see how wonderful the world of Yoga is for mental and physical well-being.

Are you looking to start your Yoga journey, but don’t know where to begin? We would love to hear from you and help you find your way!

Aimee is a Yoga, Meditation and  Chair Based Yoga and Exercise teacher in located in Middlesbrough, England, UK.

Find AMALAwellness yoga and meditation classes in Middlesbrough, Stockton, Teesside and online.

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