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“Be steadfast in yoga, O Arjuna. Perform your duty and abandon all attachment to success or failure. Such evenness of mind is called yoga.”

Bhagavad Gita

Karma Yoga & AMALAwellness

Volunteer with us.

We are always looking for passionate people to join our team. Whether its helping out at Cafe AMALA sessions, or being a supportive student, helping new starts settle in. It might be supporting us by helping us put up posters locally or delivering leaflets. Perhaps you are a newly qualified teacher, looking to volunteer for experience. Perhaps you have your own ideas and would like to collaborate with us.

We offer support, the chance to gain experience, as well as covering expenses and training opportunities for those who give their free time to AMALAwellness.

Join our Volunteering group today, we already have five dedicated volunteers, supporting charitable work and Cafe AMALA across Teesside.

If you are interested, contact us

Passionate about giving back.

AMALAwellness’ directors, teachers and volunteers are passionate about the communities we serve across Teesside. Continual learning, practising meditation daily and philosophy are important to us.

One of the key learnings from Yoga is the practice of Karma Yoga. Also, practising Ahimsa (Non-violence, in thought and action towards ourselves and others) and the study of the Bhagavad Gita for Yogi’s and the Tao Te Ching.

Behind the scenes at AMALAwellness CIC, there is a team of passionate and dedicated staff and volunteers who believe in the power of community. These people are the heart and soul of our organisation. They give their time, skills, and resources to make a difference. This in turn, creates a ripple effect across Teesside and The Tees Valley.

What is Yoga, really?

Many think of Yoga as becoming flexible and strong physically, with images of Instagram models balancing on their head. This is a flawed version of what Yoga really is. In reading and reflecting on texts such as The Bhagavad Gita, we begin to learn truly what Yoga is and what it brings to our lives.

Physical fitness is important for optimal health, but it is to compliment a balanced life of mental and social wellbeing. It is intertwined with the powerful positive effect on the nervous system. It allows us to enter into states of meditation and deep contemplation. This in turn allows us to experience peace and clarity of mind beyond our thoughts. When operating from this place (known as the parasympathetic nervous system), it allows us to operate free from fear, fight-or-flight and from our heart space. This, to me, is what Yoga truly is. Balancing on one’s head is a pleasant side show for the deep learning achieved through daily practice. Indeed, as we age, the body will start to change. Our practice of Karma Yoga will remain when Asana Practice (The postural practice of Yoga) is no longer attainable to us as it was in our younger years.

Bringing Karma Yoga to our community classes.

What is Karma Yoga?

Karma yoga is the act of:

-selfless service and
– doing good deeds
– not expecting any rewards or recognition

It is one of the spiritual paths of yoga and is deeply rooted in the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient and sacred text of Yoga Hinduism.

Loving Kindness, Karma Yoga and Community

Practising Loving Kindness, patience and compassion is an essential part of karma yoga. Being kind and compassionate to others not only brings happiness and positivity to their lives but also enhances our well-being. Research has demonstrated that when we practice loving kindness and do kind deeds for others, it boosts our own well-being too.

Throughout the Bhagavad Gita, we are reminded of the importance of serving our community, uplifting and supporting others through positive actions. Through this practice, we can achieve a peaceful and happy life.

The power of giving back and paying it forward

Practising Karma Yoga

Have you ever felt the power of giving to someone? Perhaps giving back to the local community through volunteering or supporting local events? Have you ever attended a class or an event that left you feeling inspired and energized? Grateful for the people you have met and the experience you’ve had? If you have, this is known as operating from the heart space. When we operate from the heart space, we enter a place with a mission-driven by values such as loving- kindness, generosity, and compassion for our local communities.

When we practice karma yoga, we become part of a greater community, one that is focused on creating a space to improve the well-being of others. When communities work collaboratively , we can make a positive impact on the world and create a more positive society that supports and brings people together.

By offering our time, skills, and resources to others who may need them, we can begin to incorporate Karma Yoga into our lives. We can also lend a listening ear to someone in need, or simply perform small acts of kindness such as holding the door open for someone.

Operating from our heart space at

AMALAwellness CIC

The benefits of operating from the heart space create ripples that reach far across communities and even the world. When we operate from the heart space, we make people feel welcome and included. This creates a sense of belonging and purpose for all who are involved, from class members to family members and other organizations. People feel empowered to practice to their full capabilities, share their talents and passions, as well as challenges, and who are recognized for their contributions. It also creates a space of trust and respect, where people can connect on a deeper level – this is COMMUNITY!. AMALAwellness prides itself on creating classes where can learn from each other, and explore different perspectives and experiences. Classes that are affordable and accessible mean that anyone from communities across Teesside can feel the benefits of AMALAwellness.

However, operating from the heart space when running or volunteering with a Social Enterprise is not without its challenges. It requires a lot of dedication, commitment, and resilience. Especially when faced with lack of resources or support, or unexpected obstacles that crop up from time to time. It also requires strong communication skills, leadership, and vision, as well as a willingness to collaborate and learn from others.

Yet, despite these challenges, operating from the heart space can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences. This is why The Bhagavad Gita is such an important text to us at AMALAwellness. When practising Karma Yoga and Operating from the heart-space creates a space of joy and inspiration across an organisation. A place where people can unleash their potential and make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

To conclude…

The principles of creating a positive community, kindness, compassion and karma yoga are deeply interconnected. As the Bhagavad Gita reminds us, “Be steadfast in yoga, O Arjuna. Perform your duty and abandon all attachment to success or failure. Such evenness of mind is called yoga.”

You never know what kind of a difference you can create and make to the lives of others, when you put your heart and soul into something you believe in.

Would you like to volunteer with us?

Contact us today. We would love to welcome you on board!

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