Barriers to Practice & Exercise…

Many of us experience barriers that affect our ability to practice Yoga, Meditation and Exercise. We can overcome them using these tips and pointers.

Often with our busy lives and schedules, we can feel like we don’t have time for practice. Sometimes, exercise can seem boring. However, if we look at and reflect on our potential barriers, we can find ways to make practice a priority. In this article, we will reflect on some potential barriers and how to overcome them, making our mental and physical wellbeing a priority and a healthy, sustainable daily routine.

1. Time

We often have a busy work schedule, on top of household chores, children to look after, errands to run and an array of other things we have to complete day-to-day. Sometimes fitting sleep in can seem like a challenge! This can be a barrier to our practice.

We need to create space for our practice and make time for exercise. We owe it to ourselves to have calm periods of time in every day, as well as times of the day where we move our bodies. Not only will we benefit, but others in our lives will too.

It is ESSENTIAL to create space to facilitate practice and exercise.

Facilitating time into our days and into our lives to switch off for our physical and mental wellbeing is really important.

Allow yourself some calming time, every day, with no phone, no laptop and no distractions. Just you, facilitating relaxation in your day.

How to overcome this?

1. Allow yourself some calming time, every day, with no phone, no laptop and no distractions. Just you, facilitating relaxation in your day. Perhaps, start to set aside half an hour a day for meditation.

Two people that come highly recommended include Jason Stephenson and Michael Sealey. These are good ways to initiate a regular meditation practice.

I would also recommend a meditation teacher called Burgs. Or perhaps, practice some gentle breathwork.

2. Reduce the amount of time you practice, so it doesn’t seem as daunting initially. Perhaps start off with 10-20 minutes, a few times a week. Then, you can gradually build up to longer sessions.

3. Are there things you could reduce, to make time for practice? Things such as spending time on the internet and watching TV can become time-consuming. Half an hour less a day can make time for practice and exercise.

4. Make a schedule and plan time within your week for the goals you wish to achieve.

2. Boredom

Sometimes, if we practice the same things practice can become monotonous and boring. try practicing a range of different styles that you enjoy and resonate with you. Practicing with friends, or finding a local class or a zoom class can help with this. Also, looking for local community classes can help you make friends with similar interests.

3. Weather

Outdoor exercise has many health benefits, but sometimes the weather can be a barrier to exercise. Find practices you can do from home to compliment your outdoor exercise routine.

4. Covid-19 , lockdowns and restrictions to classes and gyms.

Covid-19 has really affected our ability to go to regular classes, gyms leaving many feeling stuck or uninspired to practice. However, there are many wonderful classes available online now to see us through to the other side. Many may also choose to stay online for the ease of joining a community from their homes. So, if you feel lockdown is a barrier, it might be an idea to look into classes you can attend from home. I run classes VIA zoom, if you need assistance getting online, please contact me.

5. Stress and anxiety

Sometimes, feeling stressed and anxious can affect our motivation.
Yoga, meditation and exercise are a wonderful tool to help reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety and help us heal from the effects.

Finding a way to practice, even when it feels really challenging, is really good for our physical and mental wellbeing.

6. Injury, illness and chronic conditions

When we injure ourselves, or have challenges to practice through illness, it can feel impossible to exercise. There are many classes to facilitate this, such as Chair Yoga or gentle exercise classes. It is important to stay active. These gentle exercise classes are taught with those who have certain challenges in mind, making them accessible and adaptable, so that anyone can enjoy and get the physical and mental benefits from a class.

The more you move, the more you’re able to move.

Movement helps us stay independent and able to do day-to-day things, like shopping, housework etc.
Setting time aside on a daily basis to practice can help us stay active and even help the body to heal.

Hopefully some of these tips to overcoming barriers to practice will help you to find time within your day for Yoga, Meditation and Exercise.

What are your barriers to exercise? How do you overcome your barriers?
I’d love to hear from you!

Aimee is a Yoga, Meditation and  Chair Based Yoga and Exercise teacher in located in Middlesbrough, England, UK.

Find AMALAwellness yoga and meditation classes in Teesside and online.

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