Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga in Stokesley, Great Broughton, Kirkby, Linthorpe and Nunthorpe.

This class is suitable for all abilities and ages and welcomes beginners.

This class includes kneeling, sitting and table top postures.

Classes in:

– Linthorpe

– Nunthorpe

– Stokesley (Kirkby, Great Broughton).

Click here for our timetable of classes across Teesside.

What is Gentle yoga?

Improve flexibility, balance and strength whilst learning how to still the mind.

All classes have elements of breathwork, meditation and relaxation.

Involves asana postures sitting on the floor, kneeling and sometimes lunges.
All asana can be modified to suit different needs, please contact us to discuss.

*asana = postures practiced in Yoga

Gentle yoga classes are going to be accepting of beginners and people who have limited mobility, as well as being beneficial to all levels. They also include meditation and gentle breathwork. They are intended to be slow paced, gentle and calming. These classes are aimed to reduce stress and aid mobility. If you have been intimidated by more athletic yoga styles or are looking for a way to unwind and reduce stress, you may want to explore gentle yoga.

Also, gentle yoga is suited to those who are used to a faster pace and want to learn how to slow down.

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