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– Introduction –

Today’s blog spotlight highlights the wonderful, lovely and talented Jenni Crowther – Yoga teacher, Human Design Guide and Reiki Practitioner.
I interviewed her on Human Design, a really interesting modality to gain insight into our psyche and uniqueness. I often enjoy our chats around this topic and Jen often offers insights from my own chart and aligns it with my life. She is always spot on! I often use it as a guide to make decisions in my life. She is a wise well-learned and amazing practitioner.

Where are you based in Teesside? Do you offer services online, in person, both? How do people find you?

I’m based in Marton-in-Cleveland. My Human Design services are all online because it’s really helpful to have the recording of the session to got back over. As well as offering private 1-2-1 or family readings, I also teach mini-courses to groups online to cover certain aspects of the Human Design system in more detail.
IG – @jennicrowtheryoga

– A brief History –

What is Human Design?

Human Design is basically a user-manual for your life. The information is taken from your birth time, date and place, which reveals your ‘Body Graph’ chart.

A map of YOU! It describes the tendencies and characteristics of your conscious personality (mind) as well as your unconscious (body). It’s a profoundly revealing system of self-awareness and empowerment. A synthesis of Astrology, the I-ching, the Hindu Chakra system and the Kabbalah, Human Design reveals our uniqueness, and shows us how to navigate the world and our relationships with others. It sounds bonkers, and I suppose it is a bit, but it’s uncannily accurate and extremely transformative.

1. Why were you drawn to Human design initially?

I was introduced to the system by a Shaman called Manex Ibar, who shared it as part of a Vision Quest experience I went to him for. Despite years of yoga, meditation and all manner of other therapeutic and healing modalities, it wasn’t until I discovered Human Design that I was able to fall deeply in love with the being that I am, not the one I’ve been trying to be to fit in!  

2. How did you start to practice? What effect did it have on your life?

We call it ‘an experiment’ not a practice, although I suppose that’s just semantics. I bought several books and started to study the system more deeply. I studied my own chart and the charts of my friends and family members and I started to live my life as an experiment to see if the teachings of Human Design made it better.. and they did!

3. How did your mind change when you started a regular practice?

The experiment became second nature, the more I learned about Human Design, the more I connected with other people who also used it as a tool in their lives, the more it became embedded in my psyche. It was through understanding myself, that I could love myself. It was through understanding my family members and friends, that I could love them without needing them to be more similar to me. Human Design is a big fat permission slip to Live and Let Live, to be exactly who we are, and to know what that even means. My body has also benefited immensely, Human Design offers experiments in managing your energy, how to make easy flowing life decisions, how / what to eat and which type of environment to live in to stabilise your body’s vibration. So much valuable wisdom!

4. When did you decide to start facilitating sessions for others? 

I started sharing charts with friends after about a year of my own experiment, and I practiced like that for five years, but it wasn’t until early in 2020, after really feeling I had a degree of mastery from own committed study and experiment, and also after completing my qualification with Emma Dunwoody (The Human Design Coach), that I started including it in my official work offerings. 

5.  How do people benefit from Human design? 

When people start their own experiment, they start to see how easy decisions can be. How they don’t need to agonise or over-think everything. When they start to trust their own Authority, they liberate themselves from the confusion and doubt of trying to please other people, or live up to a standard that isn’t authentic for them. That gives them a sense of deep empowerment and a feeling of being intimately connected to the magic of the universe. That’s just for starters, it can deeply improve all areas of your life, depending on where you are struggling. Work, family, health, mindset… etc

6. How does Human Design work as a healing modaility? 

It shows you who you were designed to be and the potential gifts you have to bring to the world. It helps you to see how you may have been conditioned by your family and society of origin and it shows you how to let go of that conditioning if it isn’t serving you, It gives you permission to be who you’ve always secretly known yourself to be in the deepest part of your heart. The greatest healing anyone can have is to come to love the being that they actually are in all their unique magnificence. A good Human Design guide will show you that person and encourage you to jump head-first into a love affair with yourself. 

7.  Do you practice any other modalities or do anything else that is positive for mental and physical wellbeing, to compliment your Human Design practice?

My Yoga and Chi-kung practices help to manage the physical aspect of being human. I spend a lot of time outside to reconnect to Mother Earth and Father sky. Meditation and Breathwork are an essential part of my internal mental and pranic energy practices. I’m also a self-study junkie, so most of my spare time is spent working on exposing and releasing my limiting beliefs and stepping more completely into my personal power. I also try to have fun, to dance, to laugh, to treat myself with respect and kindness, so that my relationships with my family and friends are enhanced by my relationship with myself.

8. What would you recommend for people looking to practice Human Design, but don’t know where to start?

To being experimenting with Human Design, you can get a free chart from or jovian archive, or lots of other places. There is plenty of information on the internet to start googling the terms and finding out about what they mean. Human Design has it’s own language and ultimately unless you have hours and hours of free time to learn to decipher that language, the quickest and most effective and personal way to actually understand what your chart means for you is to have a couple of private readings with a qualified expert. You might not resonate with the information if you are still believing yourself to be the persona your society conditioned you to be, but a skilful guide or coach can help you to identify and work through that conditioning. That’s what we love to do most! When people come to me for a reading I recommend starting with a ‘First Steps’ session to get the hang of the basics, and then after that a ‘Deep Dive’ will uncover lots of the hidden magic in the deeper layers of the chart and show you how to really start to live into your potential. After that, I advise a ‘Harmony at Home’ reading to look at charts of your children, partner, or other family members so that you can start to understand and love them more completely too.

Thanks so much for taking the time out to be in our spotlight today Jen!
To find out more about Jenni, and the services she offers contact her through

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