Referral form – Community Classes

Young at heart, active for life!

Please use this form to refer participants for a fully funded 6 week course in our community classes. If participants attend all sessions, we can discuss whether they would like to attend additional courses.

PLEASE NOTE – The Glebe Monday Classes are at capacity for referrals ATM. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please email us and when a space frees up, we will contact you.

Participants are free to come along independently if they wish.

Criteria: Participants must

  • be aged 50+
  • have a socio-economic barrier to affording classes
  • be open to group exercise
  • benefit from increasing their mobility and/or being more social in the community.
Please note all participants must abstain from alcohol and substances 24 hours before class for the purpose of health and safety. If an individual attends class and appears inebriated we will unfortunately have to decline entry.
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