Yoga, Chair Yoga and Meditation in Teesside

AMALAwellness’ aim is to deliver accessible and affordable classes and enhance wellbeing and over-all health.

Classes are available in Middlesbrough, Stockton and across Teesside.

– Hatha Yoga / Beginners Yoga / Improvers Yoga –
– Chair Yoga / Gentle Yoga / Meditation / Breathwork –

– Gentle exercise / Move it or Lose it classes –

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Yoga, meditation and gentle exercise classes are not purely physical. There is flexibility to adapt the practice to meet a variety of needs within a class. It incorporates breathwork and meditation techniques, making AMALAwellness’ services accessible to everyone!

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‘If you can breathe… you can practice Yoga

Aimee is insured and a certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and a ‘Move it or Lose it’ Fitness Instructor.

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“I love teaching Yoga and Meditation and have a passion for all styles of Yoga.
I mainly teach Yoga, meditation and relaxation as well as teaching Move It or Lose It classes.

Similarly, I also love helping people learn how to relax. always include philosophy and science within classes. This helps with understanding the modalities within the body and mind which can invoke relaxation.

I have recently started teaching Gentle Chair Yoga and Move It or Lose It. Working with students who need a gentle practice is really rewarding and after a few sessions people report feeling the benefits. Generally, its a really fun way to improve flexibility, mobility and build strength. At the same time we work on improving confidence and reducing stress and anxiety.”

– Aimee, Teacher & Founder of AMALAwellness – Teesside
For more information please visit the ‘about’ section.

‘I wish to pass on the things I have learnt on my journey and to give people the tools to heal.’

‘Transform your mental and physical health with AMALAwellness – Teesside.’

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Yoga, Meditation, Gentle Exercise and Move It or Lose It! classes across Middlesbrough and Stockton .

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