Parkinson’s funded spaces

Use this form to sign up for our Parkinson’s Yoga group on a Thursday Evening or our ‘Keep Moving Teesside!’ Chair Yoga and Exercise classes.

Our Parkinson’s Yoga Group is a gentle yoga class, with a focus on gently building flexibility, strength and improving balance in an accessible way. We will learn meditation, gentle breathwork and relaxation techniques that can be used outside of class.

Please note this class involves coming to and from the floor,mat work and kneeling poses.

‘Keep Moving Teesside!’ Chair Yoga and Exercise classes work on improving flexibility, balance, strength, aerobic fitness and mobility in a gentle, accessible way. The class can be done seated, with chair support or free-standing, making the class accessible to all! Classes are fun and have a lot of camaraderie.

Sign up using the form below:

Please note all participants must abstain from alcohol and substances 24 hours before class for the purpose of health and safety. If an individual attends class and appears inebriated we will unfortunately have to decline entry.
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