As Lockdown Eases – What does it mean for Yoga & Meditation practice?

AMALAwellness – Yoga in TeessideEasing lockdown – Yoga & Meditation -Continuing online and transitioning back to in person classes – AMALAwellness – Yoga in Teesside will be staying online during the easing of lockdown. Until the Government announces we can return, we will keep Zoom classes running. This is looking like May 17th. – WhatContinue reading “As Lockdown Eases – What does it mean for Yoga & Meditation practice?”

Barriers to Practice & Exercise…

Many of us experience barriers that affect our ability to practice Yoga, Meditation and Exercise. We can overcome them using these tips and pointers. Often with our busy lives and schedules, we can feel like we don’t have time for practice. Sometimes, exercise can seem boring. However, if we look at and reflect on ourContinue reading “Barriers to Practice & Exercise…”

The Yogi Dictionary – 6 useful words heard in Class… Yoga in Teesside

Yoga Dictionary, regular terms we hear in Yoga Class. Aimee is a Yoga and Meditation teacher based in Teesside, teaching classes across Middlesbrough and Stockton.